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Project Metaverse - upgrade of main navigation panel to 3D experience


I joined Metaverse via Oculus Quest 2 few days ago for the first time. Because I have specialization in UX Design and my superpower is critical research of weaknesses in systems, I would like to present a solution of increasing of immersion and UX for the actual main navigation panel in Metaverse. 

The problem I want to solve is the one, that in Metaverse, we have a navigation that is 2D based. My experience with this kind of main navigation was quite disappointing, because I simply had higher expectations. I also miss very important UX issues in navigation. 

I have a solution for this and would like to present it in scope of my VR certification course. My passion are systemic connections.

Users benefit would be much more immersive experience already at the beginning of the journey. It would not only increase the interaction with the system self, but also give the users more feeling of control in virtual space and would let them more to dive in. 

VR technical specification:

VR devices: I create for HMDs with controllers/gloves, latest generation
VR content: model based 3D main navigation of Metaverse
VR location: main entrance, rooms with different designs
VR interaction: with controllers/gloves
VR  user position: fix or moving

Similar Apps:

I am sorry, but I could not see 3D navigation in Metaverse in any application until now similar to my design. Some starting tries are the doors as portals in Horizon Venues or in games in form of portals. 

Why 3D and not 2D?:

Because it should become the 3D navigation instead of now used 2D.

Three illusions:

The base is an increased immersion experience for the user. When the user is navigating 3D it feels like to be in a cockpit of a spaceship or what ever you like. My focus designing the 3D navigation is on the system, not the design. UI can be variable. 3D navigation is increasing place illusion to maximum. Also plausibility illusion will be extremely increased through a navigation in space instead of one on screen. Body illusion is now not given in the main navigation area, it has to be done yet, but I would for sure do it. Not only with human looking avatars, but with a free choice. 


All consumers of VR via HMDs and controllers/gloves in Metaverse or any other Verse


I think that further development will need completely new skills and people who have superpowers in fields, that are even not well to suit RR (real reality). With the announcement of transition of Facebook to Meta we have also the possibility to be a part of VR development and I want to participate. To make from Metaverse OASIS, there has tremendous investments be done into people who will build it first. 

Project date:



As this is my actual project I will reveal more detailed information one by one. 

Image by Barbara Zandoval