Project Management Projects

1 . Pilot rollout of ordering tablets for a restaurant

Project Summary:

I created whole project management documentation for a pilot rollout project for a fictional restaurant in scope of my Google Project Management Specialization. The goal was to install and test tablets for orderings at two locations of a food company. 

Project management phases that were covered: 

Project initiation including Project Charter and Stakeholder Analysis

Project planning with Project Plan including Task & Milestones definition, Quality Evaluation and OKR`s. 

Project execution including communication, Surveys and Testing with Findings

Project closing with Retrospective Review and Closeout Report

What I learned:

I learned how to create whole project management documentation from scratch and how to deliver a digital project from start to happy end. I learned methods which are used by Google, one of leaders on the tech sector. Did you know, that Google is publishing a new code (app or product) every few minutes?

Image by krakenimages

2 . Agile management in own family company

Project Summary:

I created for our family start-up PR-Hydraulik e.U. the possibility to work in a modern way using all the digital possibilities of our modern age. We use devices and tools to be able to work everywhere and anytime and to be agile, able to make good and fast decisions. We use cloud-based tools for data storage, for accounting and we use Bitrix, an agile tool to manage tasks, projects and for business communication. 

What I learned:

I learned how to create the best digital conditions for a brand new company from scratch and how to connect devices and tools to be at the top of the actual digital possibilities. Ongoing learning is the best way to enter the digital future and use the most modern technology. 

Image by Eden Constantino