Wix.com - Superhero for Websites & Marketing

Yesterday I got angry because a gentleman, let's call him Mr. C, thought that he can defame Wix.com as a website builder. This gentleman called Wix an 'unprofessional tool' and since I build websites with Wix, he indirectly insulted my work as well. But I'll tell you a secret now - Wix.com is a superhero for websites & marketing and I'll tell you why.

Creating websites in code, mandatory HTML and CSS, was yesterday. Reinventing the wheel over and over again was yesterday, evolving it is today.

Today, the web design market is conquering solutions where it's much more about UX design than the coding itself.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with Wix:

At Wix.com you can build a website, your digital identity, either by yourself, or by someone else, a designer. There are great templates with beautiful designs and licensed images, almost for every industry (from beauty, art to technology) and for every occasion (webshop, blog or event such as wedding). In addition, Wix offers domains, mailboxes, logos and various hosting programs. There are many programs, from simple website to webshop with integration of payment services and many other tools, even an app.

Why Wix?

And why not?

It has ranked in the top three of the world's best website builders for the last few years. The company is listed on NASDAQ, so there is also some capital behind it and in addition Wix is doing many right things at the right time. Our lives are becoming enormously digitalized and soon there will come a time when everyone will have their own digital identity. We will need systems that not only emphasize the individuality of each person (positioning), but also integrate countless other services so that we can work from anywhere, at any time and, above all, with others. Wix can do much of this already today.

Why is Wix a superhero?

I launched a completely new company with Wix. It is a technically oriented company, PR Hydraulics, with trade in hydraulic components and services. The birth of the company, from the idea to the positioning, happened digitally and started with the Wix website, with a domain and a mailbox. As part of this project, a company logo was developed, which the owner was able to help design. With Wix it is possible to use the existing logo of the company, or to develop a new logo. The logo tool costs 50 € and has enormous advantages for entrepreneurs. Namely, Wix provides all file formats after the logo creation. Thanks to these files, PR-Hydraulik's company car has been labeled, business cards and special printed materials have been printed, and we are in the process of having work shirts printed. The next thing to come is a template for an advertisement in a trade magazine. All thanks to the tools from Wix!

Next up is social media. Various providers like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can be integrated into Wix and campaigns can be started directly, even with great templates. Very good feature is blog, where you can also share posts on social networks.

Webshop is also easy to create and run with Wix, because the control or functions are very clear. I have experience mainly with service tool and appointment coordination.

Wix is robust and since I have to work in the middle of nature, without fiber network, with ridiculous internet performance, I can judge it well. All data is always backed up and up to date. Everything in Wix is responsive as long as you maintain the mobile view as well. In addition, Wix support is always available, helpful every time and very friendly. Wix lives an open feedback culture so it evolves.

What are the advantages for a company?

Well, for what Wix costs annually (about 200-500 € depending on the offer), it offers an incredible number of advantages and especially freedom. There is a control tool in the background. The functions offered in the control can be extended, as there is a market of plug-ins* (*various functions to make sites even more attractive to all users).

In Wix the company itself can assign roles, e.g. the company is owner of the website and I (Webspace Design) am admin. This allows the owner to either edit the site themselves (for news, promotions, campaigns, changes), or get some help (like me for example). Wix builds on this model, which can be seen in various offers for designers as well. Advantages of Wix that I personally see are great flexibility and a system that is pretty reliable and standardized.

Why is Wix a professional tool?

Wix is more about UX design than coding. It's more about the versatility and independence that this tool offers beyond the classic website creation. A classic advertising agency, which even still creates the pages in code and does everything itself, is firstly more expensive because it takes longer time and therefore a dinosaur compared to this way of working. These web worlds couldn't be more different and the only thing they have in common is the trade type.

With Wix, many things are easier, faster and cheaper. Why? Because it is exactly where the digital world is heading, namely where firstly the individuality of the individual becomes digitally visible and secondly where working from anywhere and at any time is possible as long as there is Internet. And thus, when choosing the right web designer, it rather depends on what the company really needs and wants.

To all those who are just starting to build their business, I would clearly recommend Wix. The prices that agencies offer for web design and branding are way too high. In addition, the customers often do not get everything they are entitled to (cookie banner legally up to date, corporate design data, files, etc.).

In the meantime, thanks to modern providers, there are much easier and cheaper ways to be digitally present. Those who are confident can create their website or store themselves with Wix. However, I must make it clear that this is far beyond conventional IT skills. In order to take maximum advantage of Wix, it is necessary to know the digital landscape and also be able to move quickly within it. Those who cannot do this must rely on the help of professionals.

Wix is my specialty

Wix is my specialty and I love working with this tool on a daily basis. I have high standards as a user and Wix really delivers everything I need for my work at the moment.

For those who are not confident to create a website themselves with Wix, I'm here to help. And even if you are confident, I'm happy to be there if you get stuck.

Any other questions?

Ask me!