The development of technology

First time I saw the World Wide Web was when Siemens Slovakia went online as a company in 1998. In the first years we played beside the business-as-usual multiplayer games in the office and online magazines were totally in.

Companies started at that time immediately to work mainly with Office and all figures and reports was done mainly in Excel, Word and co. Mobile devices reached the public and also social media started. I remember the time when I had profile at Myspace called Charisma where I changed the HTML code to redesign my page and make it more attractive. Later Facebook came and social media exploded, as well as online shopping and online advertisement in the following years.

Lot of companies started to improve their internal software in all departments.

As companies grew, also the subsystems have grown into whole ERP systems which should serve the C-level and owners to increase transparency. The best ERP system that I saw in my carrier was used by Nestlé company, despite it made me nervous at that time because of some systemic bugs that I had to fix each month.

Working with figures for international companies and increasing transparency was for long time my everyday business. The biggest problem in this area still prevailing is, that a lot of middle and small size companies are working with quite old systems, which cannot provide the information, that is now needed because of the high level of digitalization and growing legal requirements. It was very frustrating for me in the last years because I had to compensate these missing software solutions manually. Month after month. So I left this field.

It is not so far away when I realized that I live for the IT from the moment I saw the WWW for the first time. And I love it even much more with the increasing digitalization.

My first website was done by a marketing agency for me in 2008. My second was done by myself with 1&1 Do it yourself websites (German Provider), as well as the third. I worked with WordPress and I am looking further to work with Greyd Suite, but Wix is for sure my favorite at the moment. I prefer customer friendly design of provider sites and a good dashboard with all features offered in a form of app´s or plugins, easy and well-functioning when in use. It has to be simply fun.

When I look back, I see how closely I relate to the IT and I hope for a time, when an individual website will be a 'must have'. I am looking forward for time when solutions like Web3 will start to be widely implemented and maybe I will join this change in scope of my new career.

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