Social VR

Social virtual reality is the mirror of human society and similar to real life. People all around the world meet and talk to each other via Avatars there, but on a much smaller scale as it is presented in the public. Social VR is also full of children running around and screaming what is often quite disturbing. It is for all of us and you can be whoever you want to be as an Avatar there, but your voice will in the moment still reveal your real you. Now, you can join for free either Horizon Venues or Multiverse to meet another people in VR. Let's take a look how it works.

My Avatar
Triade in Horizon Venues (actual look)

Horizon Venues

In Horizon Venues you can have a humanoid looking Avatar, which you can design in Oculus main menu. The design possibilities are still quite limited, so your Avatar won't be something special and you will often find some kind of your 'double'. You have still not the freedom to look how you want to neither to dress how you like. But you have the freedom to be a man or a woman, dark or light skin, long or short hair and so on. The offered cloths are simple standard, nothing special and without the false presented information about High Fashion possibilities. Digital fashion is at the moment not offered.

You can enter Horizon Venues to meet another Avatars - in fact now only one meeting hall with some events. It is quite loud there as many small children are running around and screaming. Average age 6 years based on their voices. The talk of the people is quite simple and reduced to: Where are your from? What is your job? and so on. So quite normal issues mostly from the real life.

The burning question is 'is it possible to fall in love in social VR?'

Yes, it is possible and I experienced it. I think it was the second time I entered VR via Oculus as I wanted to try social VR places so I went to Horizon Venues. And there was he... male Avatar with a dark skin and dreadlocks. He also fell in love immediately with my Avatar. It was quite funny. You can try to hug the other avatar, chat or make selfies together and that's it for now. But for some people searching for virtual romance is this for sure a possibility which maybe some companies will develop to a larger scale in the future.

Horizon is making promotion now for a new app called Horizon Worlds. Based on the promotion, you can be whoever you want to be there, visit many different worlds or create your own crazy places. But it is in construction right now and not to enter at the moment. We have to wait, but I will for sure make a report about it when it starts.



Multiverse is the place where you can buy a digital property and invest money. If this is a good idea at the moment is very hard to answer. What speaks against it is the fact, that it is empty. There are nearly no people, the graphics could be better, it is mostly the copy of places from the real world and again it is full of children screaming around. There is no possibility at the moment to have an individual Avatar, there are only Avatars with Monitor Heads with your profile pic. Tone is very bad and the readiness to interact is much lower than in Horizon Venues. The advantage is that you can visit exhibitions and some nice public places or presentations. From my point of view is this a big construction site with a big questionnaire about the future of this place. As I like to be in movement in VR, I will for sure not invest into this bland place. It could fail and all the people could loose their invested money. So invest only if you want to play with your money just for fun.

Where is the party?

Based on my experience in VR is the party now mainly in the well design game apps which are not for free. I play Zenith at the moment and it is a combination of running around with a humanoid Avatar, possibility to chat to other players or doing your quests. Zenith is for sure the place where are much more people running around as in free social VR.

Do you like to interact in VR? Join in and find your favorite places. I will for sure report about the new apps, games and also social places. So stay on track.