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Do you also receive weird messages form foreign people on your social accounts? Sick pictures? Messages that seem really odd? Do foreigners sometimes attack you for an innocuous comment which you have left somewhere? Do they inhibit and defame you, your work, your values? Do they hate you? Do they attack you? Again and again?

I know how you feel. How this negativity upload is trying to decompose your good attitude. But don´t worry! You are not alone in the digital social jungle called the internet and I have some really good survival tips for you. Just come with me on a journey...

First of all, please watch this 2 minutes scene from the movie 'Wreck it Ralph 2' from Walt Disney Studios. The blue lady, called Yesss, is explaining to Ralph the initial rule of the Internet. Its very sad, that many of us has to feel all the pain first to finally become aware of the first rule.

Yesss is telling to Ralph: "One of the first rules of the Internet is do not read the comments. This place can bring out the worst in some people. All this isn´t about you, it´s about them." And she is absolutely right.

We are facing reduction of direct physical contact due to Corona in the last months, last two years. Large part of the social interaction switched to the Internet and a lot of people is behaving like they were in a jungle. Digital jungle! There are nearly no rules for a proper human interaction in the Internet and social networks now. In addition, there is a kind of anonymity and some crazy people and groups act due to this like they were a herd of predators. All this can be very heavy stuff for peaceful companions who just like to share their point of view or interact socially with another people. Sickness is everywhere, meanwhile also in digital spheres.

So, what can you do when you are a peaceful companion and want to stay calm and positive? How should you react when you get sick messages or are attacked by weird crazy people?

When someone tries to crank you, it is not about you, it is about them. Most of these people would not be able to tell you all the things directly into the face. They are simply too wimpy and most of them are just bored or dissatisfied with their own life. But there are also individuals who are really sick and they are on the hunt for victims. They try to deliver you a package of negativity or shock, some very bad stuff. A package trying to infect your thoughts, feelings or actions. What can you do?

  1. get clear, that this package was delivered to wrong address

  2. you are not ready to receive the wrong package, but it is already in your digital sphere. If you do nothing and try to ignore it, it will not be good in the long run. All the wrong packages will fill your digital space. So you have to do something. Take the right actions!

Right actions - digital survival kit:

Case: Sick pictures (pornography, naked genitals)

First of all, breath. Second do not try to understand the perverted motivation of sick people. Do not start to communicate! Best thing you can do is to inform the support of the platform where it happened about the case. If you are courageous enough, send them evidence (screenshot). Ask them to identify and block the sick user. Problem no. 1: this user can create a new account and continue his actions. Problem no.2: very often are supports taking no action or only temporary action in such cases.

The best solution for yourself is to delete the weird content from everywhere and immediately block such a user. Then you have to forget. New day will bring new situations, also the good ones.

Case: Messages from foreign males (this is something for women)

There are a lot of men searching for a woman in the Internet. They are searching everywhere. If you are a cute girl/lady without relationship status, it will be a wild chase. Most of this men are friendly and they only try to chat with you. To stop it, ignore them or write friendly that you are in a relationship and are not interested.

Case: You have left a harmless comment and get massive attacked for it

You have probably fallen into a trap. You have lost this game. Delete your comment and leave the chat. Immediately. Then you have to forget this also. New day will bring new situations and maybe an interaction with nice people.

Case: You have written a post on your social profile and some people try to defame you for it

Wake up! Your profile, your post, your rules! When someone is trying to pee on your ankles on your own profile, remove this person as fast as you can. Do not argue. Do not discuss. Delete all defaming comments and block immediately such a person. You do not need people like this. You do not need them in real life, you do not need them in digital life too. On your profile are you the queen/king!

Case: Really crazy individuals, stalkers

If someone is hunting you very intensively (three times call to stop/block is not enough), please immediately start to collect any evidence you can get. Contact a special police department that is taking care of stalking and violence issues in the Internet. Be aware of the fact, that the social interaction is not regulated yet, but the police is already installing departments for issues like this. You have to contact appropriate professional help as soon as you can. Search also for a psychological help to get more tips how to handle such situation. This is for sure a package you won´t receive!

One of the secrets of the Internet

I have some bonus for you. Yes, we have still to face the fact that the social interaction of humans in Internet is not regulated yet. There are no rules how to conduct, no do´s and don´ts are defined yet. But, we have the Power. I have the Power and you have the Power too! The power to be the queen/king of your profiles and your own digital space. Kick everybody out who is not nice to you. Rule your digital space like you would rule a kingdom. All platforms have the necessary settings to do so. So be free and let only people into your sphere, who are worth it.

Call for more safety and transparency in the Internet!

Call for regulation of digital social interaction.

Call for rules and standards in digital behavior!

Your Alexandra

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