Samsung Z Fold 3 - my experience

Hello, dear IT enthusiasts. Welcome to the time of year when the sun is on the rise again and thus the new solar cycle begins. How about combining this new start with some new technology? The time of Christmas and gift-giving lends itself well to giving yourself great gifts too, as I did with the Samsung Z Fold 3. Since my entire environment is amazed by this modern achievement, I want to write a little about this wonder device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The first time I saw this mobile phone was in an advertisement. I liked that the mobile phone with the first foldable screen was presented by two women in a really cool advertisement. Very modern, very UX, very innovative. Since then I wanted to have this device! It has two versions, 256 GB and 512 GB storage. I took the bigger one as I need it for my work. I have a lot of downloading and space consuming apps. The fat version still costs €1,800. Why still?

Well since autumn not much has happened in the mobile phone market with this price. Not even Black Friday made the prices come down. I bought the phone on the company and thus saved myself the VAT. Otherwise, it's a case of waiting for a good opportunity.

What can it do apart from great reviews from IT magazines?

It's heavier than a normal phone, but nothing you can't get used to quickly. The front display is long and rather narrow. Since I got a protective cover, I don't like using it as much as before. I use it as follows: 10% closed, 90% open. The heart of this great phone is simply the foldable display - main screen, and once you've tried it, you won't want anything else.

The inner screen is just amazing! When I first saw my website and the colors on this display, I just said.... WOW! I've been an Android fan for a few years and I love the organization of the apps and the Android world. I don't really care about all the nonsense around security and the argument Android or IOS. I think it's all about usage and every system has its fans and its detractors. I want to use what I can and what is available and in the technology sector it can never be enough for me. This Android offers a lot of possibilities to organize your apps and also the settings of this device are manifold. Here is a video with some tips.

To enjoy cross-device benefits, I spent about 6 hours setting up the Samsung Z Fold. From Samsung account, to Microsoft account, Google account, to everyday apps, favorite shopping sites, security and payment services. Automatic forms, backup and so on. Those of you out there who want to use modern technology and its benefits these days have to reckon with the fact that in the era of Web 2.0, the downside is no anonymity of data. And abuse, even in the case of technology, is not the problem of the technology itself, but of the human being. So after you have decided to draw from the full, this device is a dream.

The large foldable display makes it possible to use the content in many different ways. The male admirers first thought of porn. I find whizzing through social networks, googling, working, learning and being online just great. A lot of services are more enjoyable to use, especially if maybe you don't see well or don't want to see anything small. It's only on this device that you really notice how important responsive design is and what it means to be mobile first.

The device has three cameras with different lenses. I took a picture of my cat with it and you can count his whiskers - the picture is so sharp. It's so good that you can't see with the naked eye what these cameras are capable of.

There are also various accessories like pens, headphones, watch and protective covers. I will perhaps report on what is possible with these accessories in the next post.

So what is still open?

I think that now the big software companies could also offer something new to turn hardware like this into something wonderful. In Web 2.0, there is a lack of interfaces and solutions that could connect a digital world of brand apps and separate brand services. So does anyone have an idea?