Questions for Elon Musk (open letter)

Dear Mr. Musk, I saw a lot of videos describing your visions in the meantime on YouTube. All your ideas and visions have millions of followers and viewers. You present yourself as an entrepreneur, engineer, very visionary, even sometimes futuristic. I started to write a futuristic blog trying to look at the main topics in this area and to write about it for the people. The actual development on Tech sector is huge, very fast and ideas like Metaverse, Web3 and also your SpaceX are dominating the talks about the future. So, I would like to ask you some questions.

Rules of communication for more clarity: please let us uplift our talk from the level of "Don't look up"-like society to a level for future development for human species and the next generations. I am a hard liner, so sorry sometimes when my tone will get too direct or dark.

Mr. Musk, please answer and describe the following questions based on your opinion:


I saw you saying on YouTube that you would like to make humans a kind of intergalactic species in the universe. And I saw you saying you want to pursue a kind of Mars invasion in the next years.

Do you think that this concrete human species is ready to assimilate foreign planets when the humans do not even handle own planet Earth as they should? With respect? Isn't this space invasion plan a bit too dangerous for another life in the Space?


It is obvious, that the next development of the IT is a kind of virtual reality or interactive holograms surrounding us and managing our tasks. AI maybe.

What is definitely missing now is a main managing system for many subsystems. Some kind of upgraded operating system able to handle the requirements and resources.

I see a kind of starting competition in this area trying to enter the depths of virtual reality.

What is your opinion to this issue and how much is this affecting Tesla, SpaceX and another of your projects?

Are there any ideas that would go behind the already known? Behind binary calculations and CPU´s?


In one of your interviews, you mention that people need unconditional income because the technology will dominate soon our lives and eliminate huge number of jobs. As the ideas with basic income are not new anymore and seem to work well, I ask why do we not already have them established in our society? What is in the way to do so?

Dear Mr. Musk, thank you for answering these questions.

Have a nice day