Oculus Quest 2 - Device

I would like to describe my experience with Oculus Quest 2 here. In this post I will analyze the hardware and the external Oculus app. This is critical analysis more than a feedback.


Basically, I think time should come soon when the devices will be made in 3 sizes. L/M/S. As I am a woman I miss a M size possibility in Oculus. As there are many kids, especially in Horizon Venues, Oculus will need more sizes in the long run. This is weak UX in product or saving money in the early development stages. But clear fact is, the acutal one size product does not match the actual human physical needs.

The lenses can be adapted, but only horizontally. Why not also vertically? I would for example need it also vertically, because we have here one sized HMD.

Controllers are ok, but also a bit too big for my female hands. I would recommend 3 sizes for all devices, especially when gloves will be ready for the market.

Oculus App from App Store

If this has to be the external navigation of my own VR profile, I really miss a lot. I miss a lot of functions and possibilities of customization for the user. Examples: I couldn't find possibility to connect my buds. Or any other external devices e.g. Sonos or anything you want to enhance sound for example. How is it possible that I cannot connect external sound devices? Second I want to change my Profile Name or name of my Avatar. I cannot do it or find it? All described issues is a weak UX.

Second, no connection to navigation screen from Metaverse. Why?

Social are in the app has uncomfortable chat, but I don't know why yet. I will test it a bit longer and report.

My conclusion

I like this device and I am happy, that this was my first to see Metaverse in its beginnings. But all in all it is not inclusive because of missing sizes for different user needs. What I don't like a lot is the fact that I cannot customize.

When this issues will stay and not be changed soon, it will be not enough in the long run.

Coming soon

My next blog post about the main Navigation in Metaverse.

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