Navigation - Oculus

Hello everybody who is curious to discover virtual reality and all the created spaces and things that are at the moment offered to enjoy in VR. To start any journey we first of all need to know how to navigate in our VR space. So after my analysis of Oculus device and the external app, I will analyze the navigation on Oculus level first. Are you ready?

Oculus - OEP or home navigation

Before you start

Before you start, Oculus device will ask you to set your safety zone called GUARDIAN. You have two possibilities to choose from - sitting or standing position. To set your standing position you draw around yourself a line on the floor with your controllers. So this should be no problem, just draw it around you as you rotate. Sometimes the position is not as it should be. To repair this enter and go to your OEP-apps-settings-guardian and change it once again.

Level O = Oculus entry point (OEP)

Your main and very first entry point is the one of Oculus device self. When you put your Oculus device on, you automatically start all your journeys from this level. Some call it also Home, but I will not call it like that, because as you will more and more dive into VR, you will enter deeper levels and there will be another "homes" or entry positions too. So to not mix it all up, I will create a whole set of names and descriptions that define the levels and their navigation points. And that's the reason why I call Oculus entry level or home as level O or OEP.

How to enter OEP

You can anytime and from everywhere - any game or app, find or lost - enter your OEP with the Oculus button on your right controller. It is the small button with Oculus logo on it. When you click on it, your OEP navigation bar will appear every time, everywhere. So no reason to panic! Now you can manage anything you want to. Quit the game and go home to OEP, take pictures or resume.

A short story: Yesterday I met a funny guy in Multiverse, he was completely lost and was searching how to go home to OEP. He was very confused and in his confusion he had thrown lot of pictures at me of his own skyscraper, owning all the floors from bottom to the top. But he couldn't go to OEP!!! Hahaha. So I told him, just press the Oculus button on your controller and you can manage what ever you want to.

In OEP you have the possibility to adjust your settings, profile and also to create an Avatar. The Avatar you create here is also to see in your Oculus external app in your profile and you can take this Avatar for a walk in Horizon Venues for example. You can also manage social contacts here, buy games or apps.

You can design your home space with some themes as spaceship or a nice place in the mountains. And if you are ready to play a bit with your controllers, you can customize your screen size and move it around or change a bit more in the settings.

And now my critical analysis for developers or all users understanding following IT issues.

Weak points in navigation - analysis for developers

UX Design (short UX)

I am quite sad about the weak UX that is in many places in VR causing confusion of user regarding the navigation. I saw many users lost or searching for something in VR, asking another users for help. This weak UX is mainly in navigations, in all navigations, 2D and 3D. and very sadly on all levels, except some professional apps or games. Help or assistance is completely missing and users have very often to guess what to do and how to do it.

Confusion as cause of weak IA

I assume that the very often seen over all confusion in Meta has something to do with the IA and its unclear structures. If more people will enter Oculus and Multiverse and when this really has to become the next step of Internet evolution, then somebody has to take care and very fast increase the clarity for the users. The danger if not doing so is the destruction of illusions, mainly place and plausibility illusion. This could cost Meta users in the long run.

Weak customization

Why is there no possibility to customize the OEP panel? Or any other screens in OEP, not only their appearance, but also the content?

You wanna more?

As I study VR now via Coursera on University of London I will present some projects and course assignments regarding VR. Please take a look into my project section and go for VR projects. My first project is pointing at this issue with navigation and you can see it here.

All in all, I am happy to be a part of VR, to see the VR baby grow and also to participate in many ways, as a VR student, blogger, creator, seller....just infinite possibilities.