Will metaverse become our future?

Today, I was inspired by an article from Dirk Mueller and his team introducing investments into Meta Platforms. Facebook announced with End of October 2021 transformation into Meta. Mark Zuckerberg and his team want to build a Metaverse, a kind of virtual reality for all of us. Let me analyze this idea and to show you, what could this mean for our real reality, where people need to eat, drink, love, live, die and take care of ending resources of our physical planet. (this is an article before my metaverse experience)

Matrix, 20 years ago was Matrix the first movie that gained big success in this genre. Genre, where is shown a kind of virtual collective reality used for social interaction, tasks, missions and living. That kind of virtual reality giving you much more possibilities to live yourself than the real one. Where in the real life a man is a looser but in virtual reality he is a hero. Or vice versa.

After Matrix followed many movies with this kind of script. Surrogates, Transcendence, Ready player one and many more. But when you watch them you realize one thing, we still have physical bodies. You can be a hero in a simulation, but where will your body be during your online sessions? On special VR chairs or in a food liquid as in Matrix or with peripherals or extensions as in Ready player one? The actual VR devices function well for visual and sound effects, but there is still huge potential for touch/haptics and smell.

So before any human will start to play this new collective game in Metaverse and Horizon Homes or Worlds, he or she should ask, where will be my body during the sessions? What will happen to all the physical bodies while online? The risk of addiction and loss of sense of time are a real danger.

Reality check:

In Reality, lot of people cannot read or use technology. Or they simply have no Internet or possibility of connection. What will happen to them? Will they have access to this new game or not?

I completed Google UX Design course shortly and since then I am watching the trends of the UX community. UX family is very international, mostly young people with many skills and much better IT skills than the older generation, ready for multiple tasks and interactions and ready for life. I read in the last days how hard it is for junior UX designers to find a job while the job market is exploding with UX job offers?! And the problem is still the same, stupid capital orientation of companies still providing the not functioning strategy of searching high quality roles or skilled staff for poor money. Some frustrated people in hiring agencies are sorting out the candidates based on very high criteria they self even do not understand. Is this the future for the tech generation that has to build this fantastic new virtual reality? Virtual items build for 1 $ somewhere in India creating profit for the Big Players? The real reality is not so blink blink yet! And for sure not so nice for everybody!

So yes, Mark has to invest a lot of money into people who are able to build this new perfect universe or it will fail as a bad simulation that will not be accepted by the crowd. Also Matrix had initial versions that were not accepted and so the systems simply failed.

Alternative Reality:

I think that we have the possibility to create our future on our own as a free collective too and open-source solutions similar to Web3 could be good for many areas of our real life. We have first to integrate technology smart and with concrete intentions for our real world. It is ok to have an avatar in some main system or virtual reality, something similar are already our profiles on different social networks or in games, but much higher priority is to have clean water, food and act in harmony with this planet. And all the money, that is now going to fantastic dream worlds should better go to real environment.

I am sure, that the new generation wants a better future also in real life where they can show their many skills while connecting technology with planetary and human problems to become a better society. I hope, that the next generations are more tolerant to all beings on this planet than as we are now.

And so there will be pioneers who will invent things we never saw before very soon. Inventions making the life easier. Systems helping us to use energy clever in the real life and learning us how to cooperate with real world and how to protect it. How to enjoy the real flower. To kiss real human. To look into the real sun and to build a health and nice world for all of us. This can happen with holograms surrounding us and helping us make the everyday tasks easier, but to run our lives in a virtual reality can be extremely dangerous when misused by big corporations for goals of power, control and money.