Facebook Business Suite

This is review about my experience with Facebook Business Suite.

At the beginning, when I started to work with different content in web and wanted to share it on Social Media via Wix or directly, I wondered a bit about the fact, that you cannot post directly on Instagram from your Notebook or Workstation (Memo: meanwhile it is possible). I came across with a solution that seems to be the best, when you want to work with Facebook and Instagram at once. Yes, I talk about Facebook Business Suite (FBS), advertisement interface.

This service solved my problem with content sharing on Instagram with my Notebook (Windows). So the advantage is quite clear. FBS enables to post one content on both platforms and also to do campaigns with one dashboard for the administration and analysis.

Integration of new accounts

The integration of new accounts into FBS is quite simple, even though you need one hour time when you create also new account e.g. on Instagram. The connection of the new Instagram accounts could be shown better on FBS, because you have to search a bit to be able to do it, it has weak UX. But in the end it functions well.

Content postings via FBS

When you want to share content directly via FBS, you can make a post, video or a story. Video shared on both platforms, FB and Instagram, can last only one minute. A video with 01:01 will be not allowed. Best type is MP4. WMV type does not function and I don´t understand why? As a customer of this service you even don't get any information about the fact, that this upload is not possible. It just freezes in the upload.

Big advantage of FBS is for sure the scheduling of the posts. (As in the case of this post, when I am on holiday ;o)) But in fact is is already a standard service.

Campaigns preparation

There is a dashboard for the campaigns. Honestly, I don´t like the campaigns dashboard. I don´t like how it is designed and how unclear it is. You can share here multiple content (6 videos or pictures), but there is no information what does it mean? Will the different posts change automatically? What are the conditions? Settings? I didn´t get any information on this. Weak UX.

And there is a programming bug in this all. Every time I changed my content in the campaign dashboard my details of customer targeting changed also.

Here is the detection of the bug in the code:

In the definition of the business you can use 10 keywords for your campaign. They call it "Interests". Directly in the campaign mask you can enter much more details for your target group of customers. But when you do it and then change your post content once again , they will all disappear except of the 10 'interests' you put into the initial mask. To avoid this, first finalize you content and than your targeting group. It seems as if all settings would switch to standard when you adapt your posting content additionally. Also the posting platform goes to standard setting, all three platforms.


FBS seems to be really one of the first tries to unite the different online services via interface of a dashboard. It could be a bit more clearer for the user who wants to know more about the advantages and settings. And services, which create profit should be designed better and much easier when used.

Now, after some months of living for the IT and when I see the newest plans of Facebook, now Meta, to create a virtual reality called Metaverse I wonder how they want to do that, when they have so many issues in their main products?

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