Avatars looking like children from a cartoon?

Mark Zuckerberg and his team want to build a Metaverse, a kind of virtual reality for all of us. Hmmm? But is this really the plan of Mark Zuckerberg? Jumping around like infantile children and joining so also business meetings? No thank you!!! This is weird.

And although I'm pretty skeptical about these plans, I'm taking a closer look at them all and will also be checking out and reporting on the new Oculus Quest 2 and the current virtual meta offering as part of my research. (this is an article before my metaverse experience)

We are invited to dream an infantile dream of a perfect cartoon reality - Metaverse, when now in 2021/2022 we can't even easily share content between platforms. Where we miss something like Jarvis in the first step! We are overloaded with different apps and tools but lack on interfaces. The same thing happens in the financial sector in most companies. There is a lack of interfaces and companies like SAP are developing as fast as they can. And this wonderful new childlike virtual world is nothing more than an attempt to create a single interface, a single management system that is able to connect and manage all branded apps and services. A virtual monopoly. Isn't it so, Mark?

The real reality is quite complicated. And the problem is the companies and the hierarchically organized companies that are too slow and hinder the future in the IT sector. Money stands in the way of intelligent solutions in many cases. Consumption and short-term profit are more important than intelligent solutions for the future.

Another problem is ethics. We already have problems with defamation and sexual harassment on the internet, especially on social platforms, in social interactions. So far, there is no UX solution for users. No rules. No protection. How will this be solved in the cartoon world? And a question to all parents: Would you let your children into such an unregulated world?

What about money? Yes, you can already invest in your new virtual house or your virtual clothes or your virtual mistress or whatever you want. And who in reality will pay your bills one day?

Web3. I read an article that the biggest challenge with blockchains will be security. Maybe this is just an attempt to defame the alternative to Metaverse. Mark is planning to partially open Metaverse to make it a bit open source. Ha ha ha. On what terms? Meta will remain in the monopoly of its own product, that's for sure. Web3 has more chances to become more creative and free. Mainly because open collaboration drives innovation in the long run. So I hope that bright minds with good ideas will come together in cooperation. I wish good luck and many bright ideas.

It is quite possible that several fully or partially virtual realities will emerge side by side in a very short time. This IT-oriented quality of time can also be seen in mundane astrological horoscopes for the near future of our planet. This means that times are coming when also our ancestors have experienced tremendous technology change and development. I think we are really at the breaking point between possible realities, and we can choose whether we will play in virtual worlds, or do something for our real planet.

I want to choose a future where nature and other created beings also have a beautiful environment and live in freedom. This is our responsibility, so it is time to become mature instead of remaining infantile, and I think it is time to become active as humans and start building a better future today. Technology can also be freed from the greed for profit and fully develop its own potential. And this society also needs strong women who can lead it to more social empathy and this would be urgently needed!