About me

Freedom was always the highest priority of me. Freedom in any kind of sense.

I am a multi-talented person and to be able to play out the whole scale of my abilities, I need quite a lot of space.

My first career somehow happened to me and I went into the financial field. In more than twenty years I was a commercial project manager, business controller, due diligence member, local financial manager and business financial manager. I worked a lot for big corporations, but at the end, the shareholder approach and yes-sayers in important positions took away my motivation. 

So I started a journey of a lifetime romance. Romance with my lifetime love, the IT. I am not Steve Jobs or some another who like to play with the hardware or like to code. I like to work with structures, systems and their management. After one year of studying IT, I discovered two main passions and one I assume could become the third. I really love virtual reality but from a systemic point of view, UX Design view and I love agile methods as Scrum or DAD. My third passion could become deep learning. 

I build my second career in the IT on my own. As my hobby. Without stress, without any authority another than me. As my second career is a conscious decision, I started to develop it with a plan.


Milestone 1:

IT courses and Specializations

I started to discover IT more deeply in April 2021. I was one month at coders.bay and I really enjoyed it. We learned scrum and web design, coding and IT support. Initially I thought I could become a coder, but as I have a trauma with math caused by a math teacher, I have problem with coding. I hope I find a proper solution one day. IT support was very interesting, but now I do the IT support specialization on Coursera. I like it as a base, but no necessary my job. As I had already some experiences with web design and I was brilliant at scrum based on my financial career, I chose this direction for further education. At the end of 2021 I finished Google UX Design Specialization. Then I started Google Project Management Specialization including Agile Methods and I learned also good things about Virtual Reality. I plan to absolve many other courses and specializations, but I like to do it my way. Let it flow freely.  

Discover my portfolio and a double language blog, which I dedicate to IT topics.

Here are my certificates and actual projects. 


Alexandra Streckova

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Hey there

I am Alexandra, multi-talent and multi-reality able business lady with passion for IT


Let me tell you more about me on this page, show you my work in the section projects and share experiences in my blog

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